Ebook Preparation

How it Works

Tell us a little bit about your project in the form on the Contact Tab of this website. We’ll email or phone you and start your free consultation. We will need an approximate word count and to see a sample of your work. We then will provide you with a firm quote for preparing your ebook.

Should you decide to hire us, we will email you a simple contract. We will start work upon receipt of your full manuscript and a 25 percent deposit. The contract will outline the details of the remaining payments. We will do a full proofread of your copyedited manuscript, where we correct punctuation, grammar, spelling, and wrong-word (e.g., there, they’re, their) errors. We then find and fix issues that are incompatible with ebook publishing and style and format your book in line with current ebook best practices. We will create a generic cover, or use the cover you provide. Then we will create a title and copyright pages with a generic (or your) copyright notice and optionally your ISBN and create a clickable table of contents.

We will convert to the ebook file types that you have chosen; typically, these are epub (Nook and others) and mobi (Kindle). We will check those files to ensure that the transformations are correct then forward the completed files to you for your verification.

If required, we will re-do the above steps one time.

You upload your files to your selected distributor (e.g., Kindle, Nook, etc.)

We accept personal checks or PayPal.