How it Works

Tell us a little bit about your project in the form on the Contact Tab of this website. We’ll email or phone you and start your free consultation. Then we will do a free edit of approximately 2,000 contiguous words from somewhere in the middle of your work. We’ll edit the excerpt using Word Track-Changes and return the sample to you within two business days. This will give you the opportunity to judge our editing style. It will also give us the opportunity to assess the complexity of your work, estimate the time required, and provide you with a firm quote, including timing, for the entire project. If the project warrants it, we will also include a typical style sheet based on your sample.

Our approach to copyediting is to maintain your voice while ensuring that your work has the 4 Cs of editing as defined by The Copyeditor’s Handbook: clarity, coherency, consistency, and correctness. Of course, these include rigorous checking of grammar, syntax, punctuation, etc. We calculate our rates to reflect the size and the editing complexity of each project. We follow The Chicago Manual of Style by default but will follow your house style, if you prefer. We will document any style customizations in a style sheet that becomes your property. You will have the final say on which of our changes or recommendations you use. We will collaborate with you to make your words and ideas the best they can be.

Should you decide to hire us, we will email you a simple contract. We will start work upon receipt of a 25 percent deposit. The contract will outline the details of the remaining payments. We do two passes through the manuscript checking your content. During the second pass we also ensure that our editing has not introduced new errors. This process will find and correct most problems. However, we recommend a final proofread just before publication or during e-book preparation. We will provide those services at a discounted rate if we have done the copyediting. We accept personal checks or PayPal.